"If you can't fix yourself..."

"...you should just disappear."

"What will change?"

"Who will miss you?"


"No one..."

"...in the neon haze of this twisted paradise."

"Just like the others, you lost yourself..."

"You will hurt..."

"...and you will be afraid."

"But at least you will feel..."


"He pulls you close and you shiver..."

"...as he whispers."

"Be mine."

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We are a developer duo, hoping to offer something new & exciting for the feminine adult visual novel audience. We’ve combined the best parts of Asian TV dramas and Western romance novels into a VN filled with romance and erotica, action and drama. We give you all the romance you can take, but we never skimp out on the hot and steamy parts!

We focus on immersion, excitement and enjoyment.

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